Commercial Blinds

Commercial and Industrial Blinds

Careful control of sun and light in a building can make a significant contribution to efficiency, as well as setting the right ambience. Luminos has a wide range of commercial vertical, roller and Venetian blinds suitable for commerce, industry, schools, hospitals and other specialised applications.

Luminos will assign one of our expert advisors to work directly with yourself or the specifiers (architects, interior designers etc) to discuss your requirements as well as assessing the size, type of windows and purpose of the rooms to develop a solution that meets your exact specifications.

With a wealth of experience to draw from we will guide you from the early planning stages all the way through to installation. Our commercial blinds are tailor-made and we are proud of our efficient lead times and ability to meet tight schedules.


 Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds offer excellent control over how much light is filtered into a room. When closed they provide privacy and protect furniture and carpets from direct sunlight. They can be tilted to an angle to combine light and privacy or pulled back completely to provide a clear view to the outside. For complete versatility, slats can be opened from the centre (like curtains) or drawn to one side or the other.

Headrails are available in white or silver to blend in with the colour of your window frames.
Slat sizes: 89mm or 127mm
Verticals can be made from small to very large on both width and drop.


Panel Vertical Blinds

Luminos is very proud to bring its vertical panel blind range to the market, offering both superior quality materials and unique benefits. The slats in this range are 250mm width.

Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are particularly suited to larger windows or French or patio doors and add elegance and sophistication to any room. Panel blinds are effective for controlling lights and glare and provide privacy and protection from the sun.

Luminos panel blinds glide effortlessly on a high quality wheeled track system so that the panels stack smoothly and neatly to one side. You can choose from a right, left or split stack to suit your window covering needs. The headrail is installed discretely within the recess of the window or opening but the blinds can also be hung outside of the recess so that the panels stack either side of the window or opening and don’t take up any of the window or door space.


Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the perfect blind for adding simple style to your office, offering many benefits:

• Easy to operate, they are the ultimate functional blind
• Roller Blinds can be made up to 4500mm wide and 6000mm drop
• Luminos roller blinds can be operated using a motorised system from a wall switch, remote control or programmed control system, or manual operation

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds offer you precise control of light intensity and direction with the quick twist of a wand. Sleek in design, with Luminos wide choice of colours and finishes Venetians can be made to suit any style of decor.

Available in aluminium, with a matt, gloss or marble finish, Luminos Venetian blinds are available in two slat widths; 25mm or 50mm.
We also supply real wood venetians.


Luminos’ Commerical Blinds Materials

For all types of commercial blinds offered Luminos has an extensive range of materials available. Luminos only sources materials from leading manufacturers for its commercial blinds and materials have high specifications and enhanced durability.

Luminos range of commercial blinds is extensive and it is recommended that you contact us for more details or to make an appointment for one of our advisors to meet you.