LumiPlisse Blinds

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Pleated blinds are elegant, sleek and functional, adding texture to a room and an interesting focal point when closed. Lumiplissé blinds are ideal for the South African climate helping to keep the heat where the homeowner wants it; outside the house in summer and inside in winter!

Lumiplissé blinds are endlessly versatile due to the way the system operates especially when minimal gaps are desired between blinds. Lumiplissé blinds are one of the best options for installing a blind on doors with the guide wires ensuring the blind fits closely to the door. Luminos is proud to offer the homeowner over 50 different configurations, currently the widest range on the market, which can be operated by pull cords, handle or motorised. So versatile is the Lumiplissé blind that it can be designed and made to seamlessly fit any unusual window, such as an arch window.

Completed with a comprehensive range of fabrics from translucent to blackout, Lumiplissé blinds will meet the requirements of the most discerning homeowner.

The Lumiplissé blinds by Luminos are exclusively engineered and powered by Blöcker, a division of Hunter Douglas, based in Germany. Luminos is proud to be associated with Blöcker and has received full technical support and training from Blöcker’s on its unique technology.