Lumi-doppio Blinds

  • Lumidoppio

Meaning ‘double’ the LumiDoppio blinds are unique with their design of using double material and are perfect for windows where privacy is necessary, but natural light is still desired, such as a bathroom window.

Soft horizontal fabric slats are interspersed with sheer material, which is then looped onto a headrail and bottom rod, leading to the double effect. By moving the cord slightly various combinations of fabric positions are possible: sheer material front and back allowing for maximum natural light; sheer material with fabric slat for a more muted feel; or fabric slat front and back to darken a room.

Lumidoppio blinds can also be raised fully by means of the cord.

Lumidoppio blinds are suitable for any room in a house. They can be fitted to a window of any size from small to large but are not recommended for very large openings such as French or patio doors and other glass doors.