Your Window, Our Canvas

Established in 1996, the Blinds Syndicate  has grown into a company that produces and sells blinds, shutters and allied products all over South Africa and in surrounding countries.

Situated in Kwazulu-Natal, North of Durban, our factory employs more than 160 people, a huge jump from the original staff complement of seven, a clear indication of the steady growth that the company has experienced over the years.

Our Vision for Your Spaces

We are passionate about producing customised blinds and shutters that are of the highest quality and workmanship. Attention to detail and superior service will give you peace of mind. We help you stay on-trend through  constant monitoring of local and international trends in the blinds market and keep you ahead with innovative and new types of blinds.

Creating Art in Spaces

The Blinds Syndicate, through its brand Luminos, has created a name in the window-covering market which assures you, our client, that only the best will do. You deserve the best service, products and after sales support in order to achieve the desired result. We can help you source almost any window covering, internal or external and our services are available to you nationwide. If you are an architect or designer you can consult one of our extensively trained suppliers which will ensure all of your specifications are drawn up correctly.







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