lumivoile luminos blinds



Imagine a beautiful summer’s day, sitting in your favourite room enjoying the gentle breeze coming through the French windows or patio doors, whilst being protected from the harsh rays of the sun and enjoying the privacy of your own home. Lumi voile blinds allow you to do just this.

As the name suggests ‘voile’ or fine soft sheer material is suspended vertically either side of fabric slats. Perfect for an entire wall of windows or large window opening, such as French doors, Lumi voile blinds combine the luminescence of sheer materials with the softness of fabric slats.

The fabric slats can be rotated creating a myriad of degrees of light control, adding a warm glow to any room. Depending on the material chosen varying degrees of privacy are possible. The soft fabric is permanently bonded to the fabric slats and the blind is operated by means of an operating chain.

As Lumi voile blinds diffuse light into a room they also enable the homeowner to take advantage of having natural light in a room and assist to reduce the need for other energy sources to provide lighting.



Available in 9 colours, our fabrics are 100% yarn dyed polyester, heat set for increased stability. They are fully washable, but professional assistance is recommended.

Accessories & Options:

The Lumi Voile blind has a limited number of options and it may be possible for a pelmet to be added, however this must be carefully discussed with the dealer as the coverage of the headrail is limited due to the width of the rotating slat.


  • The headrail system combines sophisticated track technology to suit your heat, light and privacy needs.
  • Simplicity in design – the panels glide effortlessly for easy operation.
  • Design integration with the sleek, unobtrusive headrail, creating a clean and crisp appearance.


  • Luminos is proud to offer this option in association with Somfy, a world-leader in such systems. Our home-brand, Elettrico, is also available for the more price conscious.

Child Safety:

Ever conscious of child-safety all Luminos Lumi Voile blinds are supplied as standard with a clear acrylic cleat. The blind cord can then be neatly wound around it out of harm’s way.

Care Instructions:

  • Feather Dusting only


  • Easy access through the blind
  • Easy to wash and replace individual slats if need be
  • Can do large windows and long drops
  • Can be used in almost all rooms
  • Very affordable
  • When it comes to specifying a product, you may require expert advice and technical details. We have a country-wide network of expert dealers that will give you the best advice on selecting the correct window covering to achieve maximum effect in both domestic and commercial environments.
  • We can offer advice on UV protection, thermal comfort as well as sound and glare reduction. We can also provide up to date information on all of our more technical fabrics and supply case studies, laboratory testing results and international certifications for production and emissions.
  • Contact our head office for further information: 032 533 4750