panel blinds



Luminos is excited and proud to be the first to market with panel vertical blinds. This unique product combines the elegance of panels with the practicality of vertical blinds.

For those wishing to have the stylishness of panel blinds, but who do not wish to have the panels separated Luminos has developed its own premium panel range. The panels of 250mm width are ‘joined’ vertically using our own range of 50mm Basswood slatting, thus giving the blind a fresh, contemporary and very modern look.

Headrail options in five different colour variations allows you to match it to your chosen fabric or material. This blind comes standard with wooden accents on the top & bottom of each slat. These wooden accents can be selected from our basswood collection or any colour from the Plascon range. The design of the blind means that the slats can be rotated 180 degrees which is controlled via wand or cord.

Luminos has a huge selection of materials available for panel vertical blinds. The materials that we offer for roller blinds can equally be used for all panel vertical blinds.



  • Black-out materials: Panel Vertical blinds made with black-out materials block out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, whilst also providing complete privacy in the home. A popular choice for blinds for children’s rooms and nurseries these materials keep the light out, helping children to sleep longer. Luminos offers a wide range of black-out materials from plain, patterned and even textured materials to blend in seamlessly with your home décor.
  • Semi-black-out materials: For those wishing to let some natural light into a room, whilst maintaining total privacy, semi-black-out materials are the perfect choice. Semi-black-out materials are available in a wide range from those that let in a little light to those that permit more light into a room according to the individual materials.
  • Sheer materials: these are for use in more general areas in the home and offer excellent levels of privacy and sun protection, whilst allowing light to gently filter through.
  • Materials Suitable for Moist Areas: For areas of the home such as bathrooms and kitchens where there may be higher levels of moisture, Luminos provides the perfect solution in the form of water-resistant materials, which are either black-out or waterproof PVC materials. Blinds made from these materials are very easy to clean and water resistant, ensuring that they will continue adding style to your home for years to come
  • Some fabrics are sanitised and protected for greater stain resistance and durability.
  • Range of stacking options – left, right or centre for movement flexibility.
  • Complete customisation available in 100s of fabrics.

Accessories & Options:

The Panel Vertical blind has a limited number of options and it may be possible for a pelmet to be added, however this must be carefully discussed with the dealer as the coverage of the headrail is limited due to the width of the rotating slat.


  • The headrail system combines sophisticated track technology to suit your heat, light and privacy needs.
  • Simplicity in design – the panels glide effortlessly for easy operation.
  • Design integration with the sleek, unobtrusive headrail, creating a clean and crisp appearance.


  • Luminos is proud to offer this option in association with Somfy, a world-leader in such systems. Our home-brand, Elettrico, is also available for the more price conscious.

Child Safety:

Ever conscious of child-safety all Luminos Panel Vertical blinds are supplied as standard with a clear acrylic cleat. The blind cord can then be neatly wound around it out of harm’s way.

Care Instructions:

  • Regular feather dusting for light cleaning and maintenance.
  • Wipe off hardware and components with mild detergent and a soft cloth.
  • Spot clean with a soft, damp cloth or sponge. Add mild detergent to the cloth if needed. Blot gently to avoid damaging the product. Rubbing can damage fabrics. Remember – Blot and Not Rub.


  • Design: The designer’s imagination is let loose to create the most outrageous designs right to the subtlest woven effects. This offers the decorator or home owner an arsenal that can make an interior stand out or be a foil for other decorative accessories.
  • Light Control: Available in fine sheer to total blackout roller fabrics which gives the option of creating the perfect atmosphere within an area.
  • Heat: From highly technical heat reflective backings to open weaves, the amount of heat can be regulated to ensure internal comfort.
  • Anti-Glare: Different density of weaves can reduce the glare within a room. There are always several options and the comfort needed is just your choice away.
  • UV Protection: Streaming sunlight can harm the beautiful furnishings within a room. Panel Vertical blinds may reflect enough UV to offer protection and extend the life of the internal furnishings.
  • Privacy: The choice of fabric can offer total privacy or partial privacy. The choice is yours.
  • Sound: As buildings become smaller and neighbour’s get nearer, sound reduction is a factor that is becoming more important when making decorative choices. Luminos offers a large array of fabrics that helps with this challenge.
  • Anti-Bacterial: We offer fabrics that offer health sensitive customers and added fight against the spread of bacteria and other contaminates.
  • When it comes to specifying a product, you may require expert advice and technical details. We have a country-wide network of expert dealers that will give you the best advice on selecting the correct window covering to achieve maximum effect in both domestic and commercial environments.
  • We can offer advice on UV protection, thermal comfort as well as sound and glare reduction. We can also provide up to date information on all of our more technical fabrics and supply case studies, laboratory testing results and international certifications for production and emissions.
  • Contact our head office for further information: 032 533 4750