Not only do bamboo and woven-wood blinds create a warm atmosphere in any room, they are also an eco-friendly choice for the environmentally aware homeowner, as bamboo and woven-wood are a recognised renewable source.

With their very natural appearance bamboo and woven-wood blinds create a calming atmosphere and softly diffuse light from outside. Bamboo and woven-wood blinds are equally at home in both modern and more traditional homes, offering both functionality and a fashionable appeal.

Many people do not realise that bamboo blinds are handmade from totally natural material, which adds to their charm. As such is it usual for variations and imperfections in the material of the blinds to occur.

  • Sun protection   
  • Cooling   to 
  • Darkening    to 
  • Insulation   
  • Anti-glare   to  
  • Easy to clean   
  • Durability  to   
  • Humidity 
  • Privacy   to 
  • Affordability   
  • Anti-corrosion   
  •  Close fit 
  • Motorisation available
  • Poor   Not ideal  Average  Good   Excellent
  • Note: Ratings only indicative and are dependent on fabrics chosen as well as individual environments.


  • This traditional window covering never seems to outdate.  A window covering as old as the hills, woven wood or bamboo blinds are one of the most robust fabrics that we can offer.
  • Using natural wood, bamboo, jute, grass, reeds and almost any natural material these blinds can be woven into beautiful designs that is most pleasing to the eye.
  • Most of the raw materials used in these fabrics are obtained from sustainable sources and are becoming more difficult to obtain due to stricter laws ensuring responsible forestry and cultivation.
  • Some weaves are overlapped to increase privacy while others are woven as loose as possible to create a relaxed wispy feel.
  • New designs incorporate intricate yarns in an array of colours that creates an extra unique pattern.

Accessories & Options:

  • Luminos Bamboo and woven-wood blinds are fitted with a standard matching wooden headrail and strong cord controls enabling ease of use when raising or lowering the blind, operated by a simple pull cord with a wooden tassel.
  • To ensure that your bamboo and woven-wood blinds do not fray, Luminos edges these blinds in a strong twill tape coordinated to the material you have chosen.
  • Whether you select a roller or Roman bamboo or woven-wood blind, you can choose to cover the standard wooden headrail with a fold over valance in the same material as the blind, or a pelmet in a coordinated wood, giving a perfect finish.
  • If you add a valance or pelmet, high quality cord guides or a cord lock can be added.


  • Keeping with the natural earthy look of the product Luminos Blinds have consciously stayed true to the traditional offering.  All our headrails, bottom rails and tassels are solid wood.  We would usually stain these to match the bamboo fabric.
  • Sometimes the headrail is visible, or a fabric valance covers it.  A matching pelmet is also an option and there are a few design options that your dealer can offer you.
  • The cord guides and cord locks are all in chocolate colour and cords to control the blinds are matched to the fabrics.  To give the product the respect it deserves Luminos Blinds supplies a matching solid brass cleat.


  • Motorised Bamboo and Woven Blinds: Both the roller and Roman version bamboo and woven-wood blinds can be operated using a motorised system from a wall switch, remote control or programmed control system, which may be integrated seamlessly with a home automation system.
  • Luminos is proud to offer this option in association with Somfy, a world-leader in such systems. Our home-brand, Elettrico, is also available for the more price conscious.
  • The bamboo and woven-wood blinds can lift and drop via remote control and it is also possible to programme the blinds to react automatically to the sunlight and temperature in a room, protecting you, furniture and plants against the harmful effects of the sun, whilst providing effective temperature control.

Child Safety:

Ever conscious of child-safety all Luminos Bamboo and woven-wood blinds are supplied as standard with either a solid brass or antique brass cleat. The blind cord can then be neatly wound around it out of harm’s way.

Care Instructions:

  • Feather Dusting only
  • Bamboo can be wiped gently with a damp cloth.


  • When considering a bamboo blind for a bedroom, if you are a light sleeper you may need to get a blackout or room dimming liner to complement the blind.
  • Kitchen and bathroom: As bamboo or weave is a natural, living product, if it receives a lot of moisture it may shorten the lifespan of the blind. Ideally bamboo or weave blinds should be kept out of moist areas and are better positioned in larger, well ventilated kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Living areas: The main consideration here is the privacy factor and you may need to select a bamboo or weave blind that has a greater degree of black-out or look at adding a privacy liner.

As these blinds are completely handmade, hand-woven and hand-dyed, imperfections and variation in weaves, colour and slight warping are considered normal.

  • When it comes to specifying a product, you may require expert advice and technical details. We have a country-wide network of expert dealers that will give you the best advice on selecting the correct window covering to achieve maximum effect in both domestic and commercial environments.
  • We can offer advice on UV protection, thermal comfort as well as sound and glare reduction. We can also provide up to date information on all of our more technical fabrics and supply case studies, laboratory testing results and international certifications for production and emissions.
  • Contact our head office for further information: 032 533 4750

3 Year warranty on materials and workmanship