luminos outdoor blinds



The Refleksol 120 ZIIIP Cassette is dedicated for niche and facade installation made of extruded aluminium. This creates a perfect look for an outdoor blind.

The cassette is specially designed for concealed installation that allows the cassette to be plastered directly into the wall. The ZIIIP mechanism allows the fabric to be zipped into the side rail. This keeps the fabric taut and flat which prevents flapping.

The 120 ZIIIP is only available in an electric drive system, with motors manufactured in France by SOMFY which also holds a 5 YEAR warranty. Available in a wide range of fabrics the 120 ZIIIP is perfect for that modern finish in a new home.



Serge Ferrari – Soltis 86 & Soltis 92

Soltis 86 & 92 screen fabrics enable solar protection specialists to meet confidently the most varied, demanding specifications of both professionals and private owners. These fabrics are 100% manufactured in the European Union. Both these fabrics are weather & UV Resistant making it the ideal fabrics external blinds. Soltis fabrics are classy, elegant and will add a touch of style to any living space. Solitis fabrics are environmentally friendly as they are 100% recyclable.


The Vertisol Polyscreen 550 Collection is ideal for external blinds due to the tough composition of polyester. This is the same type of polyester that is used to make seat belts. Vertisol Polyscreen fabrics maintain natural ventilation, whilst still allowing a view of the beautiful outdoors. Vertisol Polyscreen fabrics are 100% manufactured in the European Union. Vertisol Polyscreen is a highly functional vinyl fabric. This vinyl fabric is made of flat-woven polyester fibres coated in very durable vinyl. We have launched earthy, neutral tones of this fabric to our collection. Vertisol fabrics are excellent for large windows and compliment any house or office environment.


Our affordable out door fabrics from Basden offers the purchaser the option to install outdoor blinds within tight budgets.

This collection is certified by the most recognised organisations to conform with environmentally friendly production methods.  Free from volatile or harmful substances, disposal or recycling is safe.  The 300cm width fabrics can be used in both directions with no loss of performance or effect.    Available in three of the best-selling colours Black Panther, Darkest Tan and Charcoal Black, these fabrics carry a three-year warranty against the harsh South African climate.

Accessories & Options:

  • Wide range of fabrics.
  • Self-supporting option available.
  • Group mounting.
  • Construction available in any colour from RAL palette.
  • Anti-wind system.


  • Extruded aluminium cassette dedicated for niche and facade installation.
  • ZiiiP mechanism.
  • Revision from the front of the cassette (under plaster version with revision from the bottom of the cassette).
  • Two-piece guide rail with compensating gaskets.
  • Electric drive.
  • Self-supporting system.
  • Construction available in any colour from RAL palette.


  • Luminos is proud to offer this option in association with Somfy, a world-leader in such systems. Our home-brand, Elettrico, is also available for the more price conscious.

Care Instructions:

  • Due to the highly engineered product minimal care is required.
  • A hosing down of the fabric and exposed aluminium occasionally will ensure a longer life for the product.


  • Idea for external application in areas that require privacy and solar protection.
  • Can be made for large windows.
  • High wind resistance class.
  • When it comes to specifying a product, you may require expert advice and technical details. We have a country-wide network of expert dealers that will give you the best advice on selecting the correct window covering to achieve maximum effect in both domestic and commercial environments.
  • We can offer advice on UV protection, thermal comfort as well as sound and glare reduction. We can also provide up to date information on all of our more technical fabrics and supply case studies, laboratory testing results and international certifications for production and emissions.
  • Contact our head office for further information: 032 533 4750